Fix sunken road prevent ponding


The trouble with ponding on roads can be seen often during rainy season. Many times it is a result of heavy trucks causing the road to sink.

The solution to sunken roads and ponding is PU injection which can lift-relevel the road and drain the water.

Steps to fix ponding

สำรวจ แก้พื้นน้ำขัง

1. Staff conduct an initial investigation of the site

เจาะ แก้น้ำขัง

2. Drill a 16-mm hole through the concrete surface

ฉีด PU ซ่อมพื้นเป็นแอ่ง แก้น้ำขัง

3. Inject PU to fill the voids and lift the surface


4. Plug the drill hole with quick drying cement to prevent water seepage

Photos before and after the repair





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Fix sunken factory road surface in Rayong

Due heavy trucks constantly transporting through the area, the road surface sunk in 5 locations. Tesla Engineering used the polyurethane injection technology to fill the voids under the concrete and lift the surface to its original level. The process is fast and does not require demolition.

Steps to lift and relevel the sunken road surface


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Lift-relevel sunken concrete road, Saraburi province

A factory road subsided due to heavy trucks constantly running through the area. The concrete road sunk and collected pools of water causing to continuously subside. Tesla Engineering provided an effective solution by injecting resin to fill the void under the concrete and lift the surface without having to close off the road, without any demolition, and using only 2 days to complete the repair.

Photos of the repair process

ยก ปรับระดับพื้นถนนโรงงาน

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