Repair gaps for houses Gaps around house


Fix gaps around subsided house by polyurethane injection

Main causes of gaps around the house

Gaps can result from poor compaction of the soil or from insufficient settling time for the filled soil. These gaps appear and become more severe when the ground sinks below the beam. In Thailand, many of these cases occur especially in the rainy season or when the area is flooded.


       Problems from the presence of gaps

  1. Venomous or disease-transmitting animals may inhabit the area. Pets may also choose to hide under the house.
  2. Waste may accumulate under the building
  3. Rain, subsurface water, and wastewater may collect in the area and develop infestation

      Initial solution for fixing the gap

The problem can be temporarily fixed by placing bricks or plants around the gaps. However, the ground may still continue to sink.

Fixing gaps by polyurethane injection

Tesla Engineering provides an effective solution for fixing gaps around your house by using the polyurethane injection technology. This technology works very well due to the ability of the material to expand as much as 10-20 times which can fill the gap completely, giving you a peace of mind for any problems that might occur from the presence of gaps.


Steps for filling the gaps using polyurethane

  1.   Install an unobtrusive 12-mm diameter aluminium pipe into the ground spaced 1.0-1.5 meters apart depending on the size of the gap
  2.    Inject polyurethane into the pipe. The material will expand and rapidly fill the gap completely.
  3.    After the gaps are completely filled, the excess material will be removed and the area cleaned up with no hassle for home owners.

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