Tesla Engineering donates cement


Mr. Aphiwit Sawad-wuthichaikun, General Manager Tesla Engineering,

represents Tesla Engineering in donating 200 bags of cement for temple construction

at Bang Yang Temple, Ban Pong District, Ratchaburi Province.

The temple needs restoration after having been constructed for 80 years.

The people in the community around the temple help out with the construction.
Temple in construction


The donation is for upholding Buddhism by supporting Buddhists and Monks to practice Dhamma and carry out religious activities.

Tesla Engineering
Maintaining Thai traditions and caring for the society and environment


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Tesla Engineering organise Kathin ceremony


Mr. Aphiwit Sawad-wuthichaikun, General Manager, and staff of Tesla Engineering
contribute to a Kathin (alms-giving) ceremony to uphold Buddhism
at Phra Baht Khao Makham Monk Sanctuary, Makham Sub-district, Makham District, Chanthaburi Province.

The alms from this Kathin Ceremony were used for restoration of a storage house, monk living quarters, and monk lavatories.


“Kathin” is an important Buddhist tradition where Buddhists organise an alm-giving ceremony within 1 month after the Buddhist Lent period is over (Ok Phansa Day). The event not only upholds Buddhism and Thai tradition, but also gathers people in the community to creating bonding and unity.


Tesla Engineering
Maintaining Thai traditions and caring for the society and environment


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National Engineering Day 2019 press release

วิศวกรรมแห่งชาติ 2562

National Engineering Day 2019 press release

Event concept – Engineering for Society: Digital Transformation in Engineering

13-15 November 2019 at Impact Forum, Muang Thong Thani

Organized by the Engineering Institute of Thailand, the Council of Engineers, and the Architect Council of Thailand

The press release panel consisted of Mr.Thanet Weerasiri (Ph.D.), President of the Engineering Institute of Thailand; Mr.Thosaporn Sri-eiam (Ph.D.), Chair of the National Engineering Day 2019 organizing committee, Mr.Kittiphong Weeraphoprasit, Committee member of the Council of Engineers, Mr.Wijit Silawisetrit, representative of the Architect Council, and Mr. Songphol Yommanak, Advisor. The objective of this event is to develop towards improving the work quality, develop a new attitude for international competition, use technology appropriately, operate based on international professional standards, complete operation processes using data bridged by technology, achieve a unified benefit by integrating transparent database systems.

Participation in the National Engineering Day 2019, 13-15 Novermber 2019, Impact Forum, Muang Thong Thani, is free for all.

Press released on 6 November 2019, Meeting Hall, Engineering Institute of Thailand.

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Exhibition by Tesla Engineering


Tesla Engineering presented an exhibition sharing know-how for repairing sunken floor

using polyurethane injection technology, an innovation from the USA for participants in the National Engineering Day 2019 at Impact, Muang Thong Thani



The polyurethane injection technology is a widely used method overseas for more than 40 years. Tesla Engineering introduced this innovation in Thailand and provided services for lifting floors for problem that require minimum repair time, unable to move heavy machinery, or roads that can not be closed off.


Floor lifting using polyurethane technology is an effective solution for problems with many repair limitations. The operation requires a minimal working area for drilling a 16-mm hole to inject the chemical material. The PU foam will expand to fill voids and lift concrete surfaces. The height rise is regulated using a levelling laser with a 0.5 mm accuracy. Although the method is highly versatile, it is limited to areas with pile foundations.

งานวิศวกรรมแห่งชาติ 2562


Tesla Engineering’s exhibition booth received great interest from the event participants because ground subsidence is a constant problem in some areas of Thailand. The subsidence affects factories, roads, and even household garage floors. Therefore, those who encounter these problems are interested in learning about polyurethane injection, which is an effective solution.

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Fill gaps under factory building

Fill gaps caused by subsidence under factory buildings

Factory buildings with problems from subsidence resulting in large gaps

The surrounding area sinks below the beam level resulting in a large void under the concrete. This is not only aesthetically unpleasant; it can also be inhibited by dangerous animals and insects.


Because of the continuation of manufacturing and production processes is necessary, most businesses can not afford to close off the area or shut down their operation in order to repair the gaps.

The polyurethane injection technology is the best solution to this problem because it does not require the area to be closed off completely. Moreover, the effectiveness of the technology is unquestionable since the chemical material can expand as much as 10-20 times, ensuring that all the voids and gaps are completely filled.

Polyurethane injection to fill gaps


Solving and preventing gap problems for factory and warehouses

  1. Prevents accumulation of waste under the building
  2. Prevents inhabitation of venomous or disease transmitting animals.
  3. Prevents collection of runoff, subsurface water, or waste water which may develop infestation

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Lift-relevel sunken floors Fix sunken warehouse floor


Lift-relevel and repair sunken floor of warehouse

 Sunken warehouse floor can cause transportation problem

Tesla Engineering presents a new innovation, the Polyurethane Injection Technology, that can effectively repair sunken floors without demolition and reconstruction. Therefore, your transportation operation will not be obstructed during repairs.

    A warehouse functions as a critical point in the production process, by storing goods and merchandise while waiting to be transported to support the production or sales distribution.

    Therefore, these buildings have to be strategically located in an area appropriate for stocking the merchandise, as well as safe and convenient for transportation and distribution



Problems that may affect your business

Unlevelled ground surface caused by subsidence can highly affect the transport of goods. Areas with unlevelled surface can be very hazardous for the operator as well as may damage the merchandise during haulage. If the ground continues to sink, the damage may become extensive and cause long-term problems for the transportation or haulage operation.

     Tesla Engineering provides a highly effective solution to problems with sunken or unlevelled ground. Using the polyurethane injection technology, we can lift and relevel concrete surfaces to enable a smooth transportation and haulage operation, which will minimise the chance of goods becoming damaged

Photos from our past project

The project site is an entryway for a warehouse. The ground sunk after bearing the load of transported merchandise for a long period. The unlevelled floor has become a considerable problem for the haulage operation.

Advantages of polyurethane injection

The injected polyurethane can permeate into the voids and combine with the subsurface material. The expansion of the material can lift surfaces to the desired level. This technology also highlights

  • No demolition

  • Limited blockage of the area. Only a certain part of the area needs to be closed off during repair

  • Fast repair time, minimal interference with your business

  • Zero pollution

   Ground subsidence can be caused by many factors. This technology can take into account all of these factors and ensure that the repair is effective which is worth a long-term investment.

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Lift-relevel concrete surface for delivery parking area


Lift-relevel sunken concrete surface for delivery parking area

A delivery parking area subsided due to excessive delivery vehicle loads driving in and out the entire day. Presence of water under the concrete also added to the cause of subsidence.

พื้นทรุด ลานจอดรถ

Because delivery trucks enter the parking area throughout the entire day, the company can not afford to close off the parking area to be repaired for long periods of time, since it will affect the transportation system and will disrupt the business, therefore, polyurethane injection is the solution to this problem.

Advantages of ground lifting by polyurethane injection

The area does not need to be closed off for long periods of time. Only a certain part of the problematic area is required for the repair operation. Very little time is need for fixing. The area can return to its normal function immediately after the repair operation is completed. Creates zero pollution or dust because there is no demolition or excavation of the concrete.

The procedures for lifting-relevelling the delivery parking area

พื้นทรุด ต่างระดับ

The operation starts with closing off part of the parking area. A 16-mm hole is drilled through the concrete. Polyurethane is injected through the drilled hole. The chemical material permeates into the soil and combines with the subsurface material, and then expands to drive out the water underneath the concrete as well as lifts the concrete surface until it reaches the original level. The rise of the concrete surface is regulated by a levelling laser.


After the injection is completed. The hole is filled with non-shrinking grout. The cracks are also filled by applying Pure Epoxy Resin to prevent water seeping through the concrete.

Polyurethane can lift as much as 50 ton/sq.m. and can withstand vibration caused by heavy vehicles. This technique can also extend the life of the concrete floor.

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Fix subsiding warehouse, Lao PDR

Fix subsiding floor and improvement foundation for warehouse in Vientiane, Lao PDR

A warehouse functions as a critical point in the production process, by storing goods and merchandise while waiting to be transported to support the production or sales distribution. Therefore, these buildings have to be strategically located in an area appropriate for stocking the merchandise, as well as safe and convenient for transportation and distribution.


Project site attributes


Problem fixed by injecting polyurethane to strengthen soil and lift-relevel the warehouse


Soil testing under foundation before PU injection

(using a Kenzelstab Penetrometer Test)

A Cone Penetrometer (Kunzelstab) is a tool for testing the density of the soil, which can penetrate as deep as 10 meters. It is used for collecting soil data under the foundation in order to assess the situation. The tool is driven into the soil by releasing a standard 30-kg weight above. Every 20 centimetres, the density (friction) of the soil is evaluated and converted into the bearing capacity that indicates the amount of load the soil can take.
Soil testing report


Test results show presence of a void and loose soil as deep as 50 centimeters

Injection of polyurethane to fix warehouse subsidence


The soil improvement process starts with the injection of polyurethane through a pipe into the problematic soil in order to increase the density and compaction. Finally, injection of polyurethane directly under the foundation will lift-relevel the structure to resemble its original level.

Fill voids and lift-relevel sunken concrete inside the warehouse


Polyurethane is injected under the concrete floor through 16-mm holes drilled every 1.2 meters. The injected material expands and fills as well as compacts the soil. The expansion force slowly lifts the floor. Throughout the operation, the rise is measured and regulated with a levelling laser. The operation enables the floor to be lifted to the desired level and increases the strength of the foundation.

Advantages of lifting floors by polyurethane injection

  1.  Repairs using less time No need to destroy old floors. Your space can be used within 15 minutes after the injection.
  2. No disruption of your operation No need to move heavy machinery or shelves. Your operation can continue while the floor is being fixed.
  3. Get even floors that can bear more load Even out sunken floors while adding strength to withstand as much as 50 ton/cubic meter.
  4. No problem with cramped space Able to access all areas. The technology features a 90-meter long cable which can reach small and narrow spaces such as underneath stock shelving or machinery

Images before and after repairing with polyurethane injection


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Foam injection to stop leakage

Foam injection to stop leakage

Leakscan be a result of poor construction of concrete floors or walls, presence of subsurface water, and leakage of drains. Leaks can make the area dirty, or worse, dysfunctional.Tesla Engineering is highly experienced in stopping leaking by polyurethane injection, a technology that is fast and non-destructive.


Polyurethane is hydrophobic (does not mix with water).
Tesla Engineering uses this technology for fixing leakage.

  • Basement, harbour, dam, mine
  • Underground pipes, water tank, reservoir, swimming pool, wall, fault
  • Retaining wall, road, bridge surface, cooling chambers

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Fixing cracks in concrete floors


Fixing cracks in concrete floors


  1. Locate cracks on the concrete surface
  2. Open the crack into a V-shape groove to a depth no less than 6.5 mm with a grinder
  3. Clean the cracked area with a power blower
  4. Mix Epoxy Putty A and B together for at least 3 minutes and blend with an electric blender at low speed (no more than 600 rpm)
  5. Apply the mixed Epoxy Putty on the prepared groove.
  6. Leave to dry for at least 4 hours. Polish and smoothen the surface as the last step.


How to fix cracks and joint separation with Epoxy Adhesive Mortar

In most cases, after lifting-revelling concrete floors, the existing cracks would also need fixing.

Epoxy Adhesive Mortar is a material that can be applied to fill cracks and gaps between concrete joints.


Image showing crack repair with Epoxy Mortar Epoxy Mortar


Image showing a crack repaired with Epoxy Mortar

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