Sunken house

Fix subsided homes and garages, and fill voids

The subsidence rate in Thailand is high. The causes are over-pumping of groundwater, heavy construction load, vibration from traffic, etc. Subsidence of soil highly affects the residential area, causing problems that many of us are facing such as sunken homes, sunken garages, and unlevelled home extensions.

     Fixing the subsiding ground is a matter to carry out immediately.
Tesla Engineering understands the problem and has the solution that is non-invasive, fast, and minimises disturbance on your daily life, by using Polyurethane Injection Technology, an imported innovation from the US.


Polyurethane injection technology has been researched and developed to withstand loads as high as 50 tons and expands as much as 20 times. The material permeates the voids between the soil and combines with the subsurface material. Its expansion can lift sunken floors, roads, and factory grounds, with the ability to lift existing weights as well as additional loads. A levelling laser ensures accurate and precise results. A team of engineers with experience domestic and abroad oversees the entire operation.

Initial signs of home subsidence

  • separation of floors of main house, garage, or home extension
  • long cracks appear on walls around the house
  • floors or walls tilt at visible angles
  • noticeable separation of beams and walls
  • soil subsidence leaving gaps and holes around the house

Home subsidence repair by polyurethane injection

The polyurethane injection technology has been researched and developed to withstand extreme loads while expanding with accurate dimensions. The technology has also been advanced further for deep subsurface injection in order to stabilize soil layers and strengthen foundations. The technology has been widely used in the US, Europe, Oceania, and Asia for more than 40 years.


Advantages of this method

  • Silent, no noises to disturb family members or neighbours
  • No mess, no concrete dust, water, or anything to clean up
  • Fast and convenient, repairs are finished within 1 day
  • Safe for human and pets, zero negative impact on the environment

How it works


Survey the subsurface by PENETROMETER TESTING using a Cone PenetrometerPENETROMETER TESTING


การวัดค่าระดับ Investigate the floor level to identify tilt direction in order to plan correction procedures


Drill 16-mm holes every 1.5 meters for injecting PU Foam to lift sunken floor


Inject highly expandable PU Foam into subsurface under the concrete. Check structural movement with 0.5 mm accuracy while the ground is being lifted.


The expansion of PU Foam can lift loads as high as 50 ton/sq.m.

Void filling around the house


Many face problems with gaps around the house caused by soil subsidence. Sunken ground usually occurs after heavy rain or flooding. These gaps can be very problematic for house owners.

Why fill the voids?

  • avoid accumulation of waste under the building
  • ward off inhabitation of venomous or disease-transmitting animals
  • prevent development of infestation transported from rain, subsurface water, and wastewater

Lift-relevel sunken floors by polyurethane injection


Sunken garage floor


Strengthen weak grounds to deter subsidence


PU injection fills voids and expands to lift foundation