Strengthen and improve soil

The foundation of engineering structures is the part that bears the weight of the entire construction
Often, spread footings are constructed without testing the soil bearing capacity or without considering subsurface water, resulting in subsidence, tilting of structures and cracks in walls, which can become very dangerous.


Soil investigation by PENETROMETER TESTING using a Cone Penetrometer


A Cone Penetrometer (Kunzelstab) is a tool for testing the density of the soil, which can penetrate as deep as 10 meters. It is used for collecting soil data under the foundation in order to assess the situation. The tool is driven into the soil by releasing a standard 30-kg weight above. Every 20 centimetres, the density (friction) of the soil is evaluated and converted into the bearing capacity that indicates the amount of load the soil can take.

Fix subsidence of buildings and structures

This can be achieved by strengthening the soil by using the Deep Injection Technology offered by Tesla Engineering. The procedure is a long-term solution for adding strength and bearing capacity of the soil by injecting polyurethane which expands to increase compaction and density of the injected layer.

Lift structures

During the soil improvement procedure, when the density of the soil increases, the foundation and the above structure is lifted. The rise of the structure can be detected and controlled with high accuracy by using a levelling laser.

Steps to improve soil strength

  1. First phase: inject to increase compaction and strength which will improve the ability to carry weight of the soil.
  2. Second phase: polyurethane expands to increase density and bearing capacity which will enable the soil to counter the current static load from above.
  3. The operation is carried out to cover the entire area to ensure that the soil improvement is consistent all around.

This procedure is very effective for areas that need to carry more weight and needs a higher bearing capacity of the foundation soil.


The polyurethane injection technology can be applied to fix subsidence, and increase strength and rigidity, in order to lift the entire structure back to its original level. A levelling laser is used to ensure that the height increase is accurate.