Lift-relevel concrete surface for delivery parking area


Lift-relevel sunken concrete surface for delivery parking area

A delivery parking area subsided due to excessive delivery vehicle loads driving in and out the entire day. Presence of water under the concrete also added to the cause of subsidence.

พื้นทรุด ลานจอดรถ

Because delivery trucks enter the parking area throughout the entire day, the company can not afford to close off the parking area to be repaired for long periods of time, since it will affect the transportation system and will disrupt the business, therefore, polyurethane injection is the solution to this problem.

Advantages of ground lifting by polyurethane injection

The area does not need to be closed off for long periods of time. Only a certain part of the problematic area is required for the repair operation. Very little time is need for fixing. The area can return to its normal function immediately after the repair operation is completed. Creates zero pollution or dust because there is no demolition or excavation of the concrete.

The procedures for lifting-relevelling the delivery parking area

พื้นทรุด ต่างระดับ

The operation starts with closing off part of the parking area. A 16-mm hole is drilled through the concrete. Polyurethane is injected through the drilled hole. The chemical material permeates into the soil and combines with the subsurface material, and then expands to drive out the water underneath the concrete as well as lifts the concrete surface until it reaches the original level. The rise of the concrete surface is regulated by a levelling laser.


After the injection is completed. The hole is filled with non-shrinking grout. The cracks are also filled by applying Pure Epoxy Resin to prevent water seeping through the concrete.

Polyurethane can lift as much as 50 ton/sq.m. and can withstand vibration caused by heavy vehicles. This technique can also extend the life of the concrete floor.