Lift-relevel sunken floors Fix sunken warehouse floor


Lift-relevel and repair sunken floor of warehouse

 Sunken warehouse floor can cause transportation problem

Tesla Engineering presents a new innovation, the Polyurethane Injection Technology, that can effectively repair sunken floors without demolition and reconstruction. Therefore, your transportation operation will not be obstructed during repairs.

    A warehouse functions as a critical point in the production process, by storing goods and merchandise while waiting to be transported to support the production or sales distribution.

    Therefore, these buildings have to be strategically located in an area appropriate for stocking the merchandise, as well as safe and convenient for transportation and distribution



Problems that may affect your business

Unlevelled ground surface caused by subsidence can highly affect the transport of goods. Areas with unlevelled surface can be very hazardous for the operator as well as may damage the merchandise during haulage. If the ground continues to sink, the damage may become extensive and cause long-term problems for the transportation or haulage operation.

     Tesla Engineering provides a highly effective solution to problems with sunken or unlevelled ground. Using the polyurethane injection technology, we can lift and relevel concrete surfaces to enable a smooth transportation and haulage operation, which will minimise the chance of goods becoming damaged

Photos from our past project

The project site is an entryway for a warehouse. The ground sunk after bearing the load of transported merchandise for a long period. The unlevelled floor has become a considerable problem for the haulage operation.

Advantages of polyurethane injection

The injected polyurethane can permeate into the voids and combine with the subsurface material. The expansion of the material can lift surfaces to the desired level. This technology also highlights

  • No demolition

  • Limited blockage of the area. Only a certain part of the area needs to be closed off during repair

  • Fast repair time, minimal interference with your business

  • Zero pollution

   Ground subsidence can be caused by many factors. This technology can take into account all of these factors and ensure that the repair is effective which is worth a long-term investment.