Fixing cracks in concrete floors


Fixing cracks in concrete floors


  1. Locate cracks on the concrete surface
  2. Open the crack into a V-shape groove to a depth no less than 6.5 mm with a grinder
  3. Clean the cracked area with a power blower
  4. Mix Epoxy Putty A and B together for at least 3 minutes and blend with an electric blender at low speed (no more than 600 rpm)
  5. Apply the mixed Epoxy Putty on the prepared groove.
  6. Leave to dry for at least 4 hours. Polish and smoothen the surface as the last step.


How to fix cracks and joint separation with Epoxy Adhesive Mortar

In most cases, after lifting-revelling concrete floors, the existing cracks would also need fixing.

Epoxy Adhesive Mortar is a material that can be applied to fill cracks and gaps between concrete joints.


Image showing crack repair with Epoxy Mortar Epoxy Mortar


Image showing a crack repaired with Epoxy Mortar