Exhibition by Tesla Engineering


Tesla Engineering presented an exhibition sharing know-how for repairing sunken floor

using polyurethane injection technology, an innovation from the USA for participants in the National Engineering Day 2019 at Impact, Muang Thong Thani



The polyurethane injection technology is a widely used method overseas for more than 40 years. Tesla Engineering introduced this innovation in Thailand and provided services for lifting floors for problem that require minimum repair time, unable to move heavy machinery, or roads that can not be closed off.


Floor lifting using polyurethane technology is an effective solution for problems with many repair limitations. The operation requires a minimal working area for drilling a 16-mm hole to inject the chemical material. The PU foam will expand to fill voids and lift concrete surfaces. The height rise is regulated using a levelling laser with a 0.5 mm accuracy. Although the method is highly versatile, it is limited to areas with pile foundations.

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Tesla Engineering’s exhibition booth received great interest from the event participants because ground subsidence is a constant problem in some areas of Thailand. The subsidence affects factories, roads, and even household garage floors. Therefore, those who encounter these problems are interested in learning about polyurethane injection, which is an effective solution.